Consultant Remodeling Design/Build Approach Budgeting vs. Bidding

Design/Build Approach

How is planning a remodeling project like planning a vacation?

Don't get left out in the cold with a bid for an "all-inclusive" package, when you are better served planning a customized budget based on long-term value. Read about the important difference of budgeting vs. bidding before you start planning your remodeling project.

Minimize Stress, Maximize Your Investment

Over the past twenty years we have created and refined a protocol to comprehensively address clients' needs for the types of projects we have been tasked to complete. This process allows homeowners to work with one firm from project conception to completion, thereby minimizing stress and maximizing the investment of time and money.

How we begin the relationship


Our first visit is on a consultation basis, not a sales call. We are selling nothing more than our experience and knowledge.

During this two-hour visit we do a bottom to top visual review of your house while we discuss your concerns and expectation. Then we sit down for a verbal synopsis as together we establish your home's hierarchy of needs and consider budget issues. There is a fee for this service.

How we refine what we began in the triage


When you decide to continue the process, it is through the pre-construction services that we refine you dreams.

Working with our team of design professionals we develop the necessary floor plans and specifications needed to correctly convey your dreams, and obtain the necessary permits. Make fixture and finish selections, then create a preliminary budget. There is an individual agreement and fee for this service.

Now the work begins


We then convert the documents developed in the pre-construction phase into an agreement for remodeling services.

We only work on one major project at a time, so when we start your project we stay on it from start to finish. We are able to do this by completing ninety percent of the remodeling work in-house. This allows us the most flexibility during the ebbs and flows of the project to ensure exceptional quality and takes advantage of opportunity or changes should they materialize. Updates to the budget will be presented as the project progresses, allowing you to shepherd your project's budget. There is an individual agreement for this service.

Enjoy all of your hard work

Follow up

After the work is completed you can rest assured that AJ Stones Master Green Remodeler will be there answering questions should they arise and making necessary adjustments

Many of our projects come from long-term clients, some going back to the founding of the company. Let us tell you about our projects and budgeting vs. bidding.

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