About Us


AJ Stones Master Green Remodeler is a certified leader in residential green remodeling and consulting.

  • Green Certified Professional
  • Certified Remodeler
  • Green Advantage
  • Home Performance with Energy Star
  • Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist
  • Building Analyst Professional

More Certifications, Continuing Education

  • Energy Rater (HERS)
  • Residential Network Rater Training- (RESNET)
  • Diagnostic Energy Auditor (DEAWP)
  • Lead Renovator Certification (EPA RRP)
  • Air Balancing Certification (NBI)
  • Refrigerant Transition and Recovery (EPA)
  • Solar Hot Water Certification (SEI)
  • Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA)
  • Radon Measurement Training